We do more than just design & supervision. We are also capable of forming plans to effectively use owned land and buildings. After learning how you hope to use an existing building, we will consider the physical condition of the building, legal compliance, and business compatibility, and propose the optimum architectural plan such as renovation, rebuilding, or change of purpose.

Legal compliance survey: also for investors who find it difficult to visit Japan


When planning layout changes and extensions to your current residence or home/building you are about to purchase, legal breaches can occur. A building that is not entirely compliant may not only compromise asset value, it may become an obstacle to financing, and market assessment may also be affected such as being disqualified as an investment outlet. An architectural specialist will conduct a legal compliance survey by verifying laws with the existing building. For those who cannot personally come to Tokyo, the legal compliance survey can be conducted online as well. Please inquire by e-mail or WeChat.

Review of possible renovation purposes


Diverting a building from its original purpose can boost the potential of a vacant house or building and make it possible to effectively use an existing building. To do this, the property must be surveyed and legal procedures completed. There may be cases where the purpose cannot be changed as desired due to limitations and construction barriers of the location, so an architectural specialist must research this in advance. We can also do surveys online for clients who are unable to come to Tokyo.




We can design and supervise both new buildings and renovations, for all purposes whether big or small. To manifest the ideals of the client, we will develop a plan, draw blueprints, and visit the site during construction to ensure consistency with the design. We believe that the most important thing is to use our imaginations to consider not only specifications and functions, but also what holds true meaning for the people there and what is necessary for that purpose.


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    Contact us any time by phone, e-mail, or with the inquiry form. If you are interested in our company and would like to see the work we’ve done, you can proceed to the next phase—applying for a presentation.

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    After confirming your requests, budget, schedule, and then organizing the plan, we will conduct a survey as needed to confirm site conditions and legal conditions. If a legal survey such as preparing application forms is required, we may charge a separate fee.

  3. 03


    Based on the provided information and materials, we will give a presentation to clarify our design and approach for the proposal. After contemplating this content, you will decide whether to proceed with us for the project.

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    設計および工事監理については、プロジェクトに適した約款に基づき設計監理契約を締結いたします。 設計監理報酬に関しては、平成21年国土交通省告示第15号にもとづいて、私たちで運用する算定基準でプロジェクトの内容と規模を勘案して、算定いたします(前のフェーズのプレゼンテーション時に見積書として提出いたします)。

    A design & supervision contract will be signed for design and construction supervision, based on provisions as appropriate for the project.
    Our design & supervision fee will be calculated based on the 2009 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Notification No. 15 and in consideration of project content and scale according to our company calculation standard (we will submit this as an estimate during the presentation of the preceding phase).

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    By communicating in multiple meetings, new perspectives will emerge, thus we will draft a variety of ideas. Eventually, we will agree on the schematic design comprising a ground floor plan, sectional drawing, and elevation drawing, as well as the image and specifications. We will do another estimate and roughly check the costs at this stage.

  6. 06


    We will prepare the construction drawing that add the detailed ground floor plan, detailed sectional drawings, and other detailed drawings to the schematic design. In addition to design, details of the various parts will be ironed out with structural and facility engineers. We will also proceed with the various applications such as the application for building confirmation at this stage.

  7. 07


    According to project scale, purpose, content, level of difficulty, and other, we will decide on the contractor that will make maximum use of their abilities. After submitting the final design and holding an onsite briefing, the contractor will be asked to provide an estimate. We will then check the estimate submitted by the contractor and check consistency with the drawing and specification and the appropriateness of pricing. If the variance is large between estimate and budget, we will prepare a proposal with an adjusted amount while consulting you as needed. We will also negotiate with the contractor to match the estimate to the budget.

  8. 08


    After you sign a construction contract with the contractor, we will hold the ground-breaking ceremony etc. and begin construction work. During construction, we will check specifications and review proportions as needed, and check construction onsite about once a week in principle. We will also undergo the various inspections.

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    After completing the various inspections and completing adjustments, the building will be handed over.

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    In principle, we will conduct a one-year inspection after one year and support inspections held according to the contractor’s unique warranty. At time of completion, we will submit a medium- to long-term repair schedule that can be generalized to some extent. To maintain the condition of the building over the expected time, there is need to manage a repair plan according to the medium- to long-term repair schedule, including surveying of aging degradation vs. life expectancy and finances. We can organize a support system as needed to handle this separately.




In addition to the building, we can also provide total interior coordination, such as the furniture that you will use everyday. A proposal will be prepared in response to your requests, for example, designs for custom-made furniture for good usability. We will ask a trusted furniture builder for an estimate and manufacturing according to your request. We also welcome inquiries about interior design proposals for offices and stores.




Tapping into our experience in architecture designs for children, we also engage in product designs in relation to children. While the architecture and scale may differ, our priority is the same. Our designs reflect our attention to aesthetics, form, convenience, and durability after completion, as we always consider the meaning of our presence to society.